What is now cemented in the minds of Arabic peoples is that America is to Iraq as Israel is to Palestine. No progress will be made in Iraq or the Muslim world without addressing the Palestinian issue...and doing so expediently.

I believe there will not be elections in Jan. After Falloojah happens again, free. fair. and all-inclusive elections could become a pipe-dream. Instead the insurgency will strengthen and it will create more unnecessary human consequences while radicalizing more Iraqis that are willing to die because of desparation...because they have nothing to lose. And this ties right into the Palestinian issue. America has created their own very personal and enormous Palestine. And Bush will not be able to ignore Palestine and Iraq at the same time in his second term, while continuing to allow Israel to take more and more Palestinian land and give less and less concessions to Palestinians themselves.

What's even more is that the US admin. knows whatever they instigate in Falloojah could easily ripple out into other regions in Iraq. Of most concern to me is the violence spreading to Baghdad. If this happens then there will be an inevitable chain-reaction of violence with such inertia that the coalition forces will not know what hit them. To supress Baghdad in a Falloojan manner is a death-trap for all. They are gambling the shirts off their back and stoking the flaming coles they already walk upon by razing Falloojah. I hear that there are militias in the south that are willing to send up armies into Falloojah due to the suicide bombings. There's already internal dischord that resembles history post Ottoman breakup. The one thing that could unite these internal and Iraqi elements of resistence are some bombs that kill more innocent civilians. And we could very well eventually see America thrown out of Iraq by force (similar to the British) if this continues to be the "democracy" they offer Iraqis. Meaning 2-3 years. So, tread carefully. Use words, not Stealth bombers. I urge for the sake of both Iraq and America. And don't expect the chorus of questions Iraqis ask, like the following, to stop. Because America does still occupy Iraq and owes Iraqis clear explanations as to who is accountable for the on-going economic, physical, and psychological abuse that simulates a return to the Saddam experience with an American face.

Where is liberation? Who is accountable?

I'm afraid we'll never know either. But it would behoove us all to get answers in order to reach reconciliation.


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