Video Shows G.I.'s at Weapon Cache

I'm not going to even say anything. (video)

IAEA seal, courtesy of 5 Eyewitness, Minneapolis KSTP and Norm at onegoodmove.

Update:No, Donald, you can't use satellite pictures to prove there were weapons anymore. That's old hat now. Powell used all that juice at the U.N. already.

Update II: Based on a review of the KSTP videotape, former weapons inspector David Kay said late Thursday that the seal is consistent with those used by the International Atomic Energy Agency and that the explosives in the barrel were the type of high-grade explosives missing from the complex.

"That's either HMX or RDX," Kay said, referring to the types of explosives. "I don't know of anything else in Al-Qaqaa that was in that form."

Update III: Dr. Kay with more about Al' Qa'qaa. Well, at least with regard to this one bunker, and the film shows one seal, one bunker, one group of soldiers going through, and there were others there that were sealed. With this one, I think it is game, set, and match. There was HMX, RDX in there. The seal was broken. And quite frankly, to me the most frightening thing is not only was the seal broken, lock broken, but the soldiers left after opening it up. I mean, to rephrase the so-called pottery barn rule. If you open an arms bunker, you own it. You have to provide security.

Update IV: Di Rita in a remarkable show of incompetence. , It's not just Al' Qaqaa (krugman)

Update V: Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives


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