Suddenly, I thought I was in Beirut

I didn't blog about what happened yesterday due to the ridiculous nature of it. I have something to do with the academy... so I was at the university student union after I bought a new pen, a stapler, a recent academic journal, and some batteries. I'm a real pen freak or not. I go through phases of pen-freakdom. Anyway, while fixing up my bag outside the student union, 3 of these,

or 3 of these,
comes throttling by overhead at about 300-400 meters, if that.

But they don't just fly-by dangerously once. Thrice they visit upon the nucleus of the campus. It isn't a very pleasurable experience as they were going so extremely fast. After each plane-formation passes by the chatter outside raises a notch higher.

And it reminds me of the sonic booms of Israeli jets over Beirut...even recently! It's a fairly common tactic to use against Lebanon when there is some problem in the south (or whatever the problem may be) and it does nothing but scare the people and cause more animosity.

They do this at such a time when most people are sleeping. And one time, I was thrown up from my bed. I didn't know where I was and I thought it was a dream and perhaps I was not alive. Strange waking up like this...

But why did these planes pass overhead here in the confines of fortress-America? To raise fear or venge-off the evildoers? Were they chasing an osama's magic carpet over the student union?


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