If Al-Zarqawi even exists...

there is NO HARD evidence that he was in Iraq before the war. Iraq invasion = Zarqawian Violence

If you ask me, I'm very skeptical it is just one man. It is from the Epic of Giglamesh, really. You need a scapegoat...to hold within him/herself all the ills of society, to be ostracised from society...Zarqawi could possibly be a phantom scapegoat that will not leave society (or be captured...and I mean possibly, I'm not saying this for sure.) He's made more real when 25 million dollars are put on his head or capture. Money and reporters saying, "that man with the black mask on is Zarqawi...and he is actually the one that beheaded that American"...makes him even more real. And it allows the current administration to say that Zarqawi was connected to Saddam when it is frankly a lie. It's very basic distortion of the collective psyche of American and westerners. Cold and calculating...and meant for consumption by ahistorical Americans in an election year. Many Iraqis, living inside of Iraq, do not buy this...and I can guarantee you this.

How do you like them apples?


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