I am losing it because of Baghdad and Samarra now, but I want to continue the hiatus a moment longer.

One of my favorite directors is Chris "Magic" Marker for a number of reasons. First, he says his name is Marker after 'Magic Marker'. Second, I can relate to his non-ness in terms of being, seeing, living, and breathing ...u know, consciousness. Maybe I was born in Mongolia, too. And at times I feel I'm from a different planet. So, I had an immediate connection with him from the first moment I saw one of his films and before I knew any details about him personally. I was moved. And it wasn't La Jetée that turned me onto him, his most reknown film I guess...the story that the, yeah, the movie 12 Monkeys was inspired by...Anyway, he's one of the most thought provoking people alive. And sure, Antonioni is pleasurable to type, and Fellini at his best is a force of nature, but Marker is the man, the shiznit, if you will.

So, please please if you get a chance see Sans Soleil and Le Joli mai

A lot of his work is really hard to come by, but you should have no problem finding Sans. I could go on about him, but I'll let you see him (or if you've already seen his work then go ahead) and comment on him yourselves.


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