The Department of WTF

I was just walking casually on the sidewalk after a particularly grueling weekend, deadline approaching. Already, my emotions are amped as of late. And I glance over to read the headlines of today's NyTimes. Then I see this through the glass: Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State. Read a few paragraphs. And my jaw drops...it's like entering the twilight zone. I quickly bought the paper after reading this, thinking, "Is this for real?" I rarely buy the print version of the NyTimes. And sure enough

Now: I'm listening to a live hafley of Abdel Halim Hafez. It's late. I'm tired and he says, "na'am ya habibi na'am..." Perhaps this is a sign affirming my feeling. The strings are so tight. Almost bursting--like the world--at the seams. I laugh a cry and sigh. The exit wound is Iraq. But where is the entry wound? We must find it quickly. Yet it's so small. How can a thing so small and near-undetectable cause such a mess? Velocity. What about the escape velocity for Iraq?

  The escape velocity is the velocity that a body would need to have in order to be free of the gravitational influence of another body of mass M and radius R . v escape = 2 GM R

Find the entry wound and solve.

[enter Abdel Halim] "Meen enta, wa meen ah'nah..."


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