Palast challanges "the man"

Thankfully, Greg Palast's BBC/Newsnight report of last night concerning Broward County shenanigans of the Republican Party airs on American TV today and tonight. You can see or hear the report in the following formats: 128k, 256k video; real stream & mp3. It starts about 12 minutes into the program. Well, exactly on 13:30 into it. But the minute and half preceding describes the previous ways the vote fraud was committed.

The bonus is the interview with Palast included in the Democracy Now's show today. Here's the web page about today's show. NOTE: Greg Palast was the first person to report the voting fraud in 2000 that made sure 1 million black persons votes were not counted, among many other things. I can't express how important his report is this time around.


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