How convenient!

In front of an audience in New York, Mr Rumsfeld was asked about connections between Saddam and Osama Bin Laden. "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two," he said

First, ALL New Yorkers practically are a step ahead of you...you moron. So, you're not divulging anything new to New Yorkers.

Second, yes now that they see the fact that they have to deal with Bush trying to think on his feet two more times...some concessions are in order. So, a few of them that were formerly so persistant about this false connection have to shift the policy of the president--and yes, FLIP-FLOP--in order to make half-sense to people in the next debate.

Lastly, it is in perfect time for the election. And, Rumsfeld could probably stay if Bush is re-elected, because he's such the champion for truth all of the sudden.

Bottom line: These lying bastards are going to do whatever it takes to get re-elected. Even back-pedal. But expect Cheney to remain saying that Saddam harbored Al- Qaeda (Al-Ansar connection that Saddam repeatedly bombed) and that was a good enough reason to invade. Notwithstanding the fact that Cheney and Co. basically invited terrorist inside Iraq in a suspiciously deliberate manner (to perhaps give them an excuse to stay and continue destroying Iraq?), the damage has been done. And Iraq is a mess directly because of misguided and foolish policy concerning Iraq...and you'll see, once and if this receives more exposure, somebody will have to back-pedal on the continued Cheney crazy-talk eventually, too.

Will the truth come out in time for it to make any difference?

Update: SEE? The method of sending mixed messages creates psychological torment and confusion among the American populous. And Rumsfeld did it yet again. I'm not surprised. In NY, to win some votes for Bush/Cheney, he said the above. Once he left (i'm guessing he left NY), and on the night of the Cheney/Edwards debate, he goes back to the Cheney line...to reenforce,what I imagine will be some pretty belligerent bs coming out of Cheney's mouth tonight. Rove has this thing all planned out. Keep sending those mixed signals to the American people. It worked before, and there's no reason why it won't work again. Pure psychological manipulation through fear-mongering and constant retractions.

Reality is something most of the NeoCons have lost complete touch with.

But you can't deny Bush cannot think on his feet. And there is reason for Rove to panic. That's a good thing.

I like Nader much more than either of them. Apparently, he didn't accept GOP help in Michigan like I said and thought before...I'm too tired to explain it, but he's the only one with the slightest bit of integrity and clear purpose. And if he debated Kerry and Bush, he would destroy them both with words. So, although, Michael Moore and Bill Maher begged him to step out...more and more I'm convinced that American democracy is in danger if a third part candidate cannot be taken seriously by this stagnant two-party system. WHERE in the Constitution does it say it has to be a two-party system?

That's all...Don't buy all the FLIP FLopping Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney are doing. And that is precisely what they're doing and accusing Kerry of doing at the same time.


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