Nuclear War in the form of Depleted Uranium: The War's Littlest Victim

Juan Gonzalez, of the NY Daily News, broke the story about Army National Guard Spec. Gerard Darren Matthew's daughter being stricken with deformities from what seems is from depleted uranium. He was sent home after he himself was struck with an illness suddenly. He then tested positive for uranium contamination.

"My husband went to Iraq to fight for his country," Janice Matthew said. "I feel the Army should take responsibility for what's happened."

Welcome to Nuclear War. In the interest of logic, anytime a cell's nucleus is deformed through depleted uranium...that is a clear and definable form of nuclear war. It is not what we conventionally identify as nuclear war, but it is nonetheless.

The tragedy cascading upon this single tragedy is that millions of Iraqis have been subjected to the horror, the pure horror, of DU contamination. Yes, even children the same age as Gerard and Janice Matthew's. And what's more is that the land that the DU was exploded upon has been ruined for millions of years. There will be no crops for DU contaminated land.

On the plate: 1) Abu Ghraib and other prison torture and sexual abuse 2) Lies about WMD and connection with Al Qaeda (Rumsfeld has helped me out on both today.) 3) Depleted Uranium Exposed as Nuclear War 4) Samarra and the many new Fallujahs to come according to this administration, that will go nowhere in solving Iraq's ills 5) More art and fun to make the pill of reality easier to swallow 6) And the two elections that will mean little to Iraq (though we're all in trouble if the NeoCons don't get the boot in D.C. in November.) 7) And I'm sure I'll include some other random and shocking things


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