Hm. I wonder why all those people are dying in all those bombings.

James Glanz, William J. Broad and David E. Sanger report "Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq"

Now this isn't your average story. Juan Cole has already offered commentary. Josh Marshall has several posts about it, too. And asks, "Where's Jerry Bremer?" Do we still have a problem with accountability? Or was this not happening under his and Bush Inc's watch?

Incredible. I don't feel any safer. Bush has made America less safe.

What do you think?


The impact of FEAR on politics and civil society. Commentary about the subject given by Madeleine Bunting of the Guardian. And this video folds neatly within the topic.


Onegoodmove, with an interview and segment of Jon Stewart's on the news magazine 60 Minutes. Kinda big, sorrrrry.

Btw, Jon Stewart's book is damn funny. Check it out.
-cspan's american perspectives with jon stewart, (1 hr long)

uPdating this story: Cornwell, indpendent (uk), Bombshell for Bush, Krugman, nytimes, The Culture of Cover-ups, Making Things Worse, nytimes ed.


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