Iraqi Artists II: Repost with Additions

This is a re-post from earlier with some new additions to come The one that I am very happy about now is the Kathim link at the bottom.

I'm going to try to collate some articles about Iraqi artists. Come back to this post for more.

'Iraqi Drama in Crisis'
Art Imitates Iraqi Life in All Its Chaos and Misery
Leading Iraqi artist dies
Looted Iraqi Art Displayed Online
Kathem Al Sahar
Punk Rock in Iraq
Iraqi Elvis
AfroPop Worldwide Interview of Kazem
Iraqi Theatre Struggles for Normality
on Iraqi Cinema, 'baghdad blues'

some websites:

Rahim Al Haj, Iraqi oud player's website
oriental tunes.com
belly dance museum Check out my favorite, Taheya Carioca!!!
songs of assyria
ilham al madfa3y's streaming music
on Old Iraqi music


Kathim Al-Saher

A lot of music, by the beloved Kathim...both streaming and

Fairuz, while you drink your tea in the morning: She was something else (wink, wink) , Maah'shallah!

Some streaming Iraqi music...tons of artists! Sometimes the quality is sketchy, but well worth your time.


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