The Debate

here, you decide who looked more like a parroting fool.

Let me be completely clear. Iraq will not be a better place with either Bush or Kerry. As far as foreign policy goes, they are almost carbon copies of one another. The matter is whether we're going to keep following the failed neo-conservative vision for the Middle/Near East or if we're going to try to take a bit more multilateral approach to the region and world.

Besides, getting that cold and calculating group of Neo-Cons out of Washington shall be to the benefit of all. And change is never negative when matters continue to be exacerbated by assymetrical policies in place that plunder the liberties and values that should be trademark of a free society.

In otherwords, lets nix the Orwellian coma.

Update: Ed Helms and John Corddry of The Daily Show give their analysis of the debate.

Update II: Juan Cole has some important remarks about the debate and Chalabi.


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