Taking a break, losing my marbles...

I'm completely losing it over Martin Wolf Wagner's photographs. Please visit his website and check out some fantabulous minimalist macular generation.

Other things I'm enjoying at the moment are copy-art.net

Of course, eyeBeam in NY is great, but they can be kind of stuck-up self-righteous art snobs that live in some super-strata artworld fantasy. Some of them are really really nice, though... but check them out regardless of my opinion. Actually, I have a superficial gripe with only one of them...so I should back-off judging myself. They're quite the influential bunch, but one could use a dose of modesty, though. Alex Galloway's book Prototype is a must read. He's a class act, too. ..so, guys, no offence aight? I nub you guys/gals, you know I do. But since you probably couldn't even begin to guess who I am in my incognito persona, it really doesn't matter now does it?

And check their reBlog. Tom Moody just left reBlog...and I've grown extremely fond of his own blog.

Wooster Collection in Paris, per esempio...a taste of what's on Tom's Blog

Zentai woman (via)

Bifurcated Rivets is text only that takes you to places you would probably never go to otherwise...

...and take a peek and ars electronica's site

one more thing...is the artsfeed blog that aggregates some dope feeds all in one special place for your viewing pleasure.

and JUST one more, space and culture...yes, oh yes...you must check this...

The lesson is...there's more to the internet than news. So all you news-junkies try something new because your brain will rot otherwise.



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