Seymour Hersh: Interview with Jon Stewart, the Neo-Con "Coup"

The interview is both entertaining, informative, short, and sweet.

Also, this is a humorous prelude to the research I'll be doing about Abu Ghraib and other situations that have to do with abuse and torture in Iraq. It will include other things, too, that I find pertinent when it comes to the collective amnesia settling amongst the American population. I don't expect millions of people to absorb whatever I end up coming up with, but at least it will be in the public domain.

From time to time, I'll scatter some comic relief amidst the depressing and missing details yet to be adumbrated to a degree that's sufficient for the unacceptable nature of these matters. I don't promise anything new, though I'm sure new things will be unearthed as time passes. I just promise to create a catalog or space on the web of items in a format that is more accessible to the average reader and web-surfer.

More on this later...I have a lot of catching up to do with real-world stuff and I'll be in touch with everybody I've emailed and heard from about this and other things soon. So, please, pardon the delay and thank you for the support and kindness. I look forward to any collaboration that might spring forth. :)


Update: Other daily show interviews and clips of note...Ambassador Joe Wilson, Senator Joe Biden, Bush debating Bush, ...more later?


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