Existential Tenacity Induces Paranoiac Mindstates

...at both ends of the political spectrum. I've seen it in activist friends and I've seen it in people who proclaim their undying love for Bush. People have fear in their eyes. Welcome to the new Republic of Fear, America. Afraid of WMDS. Afraid of DUBYA. Afraid of Osama. Afraid of Saddam, but he's in jail. Afraid of Ashcroft, he runs jails well...in fact, so does Rumsfeld. Afraid of Baathists. Afraid of extremists both in and out of the American administration. Afraid of American soldiers. Afraid of beheadings and kidnappings. Afraid of mercenaries working with corporations. Afraid of "Insurgent" or Afraid of "Freedom fighter"? Afraid of foreign terrorists brought in by the war. Afraid of Iraq. Afraid of ourselves. Afraid of different standards. Afraid of our own standards. Who am I talking about now? We don't have standards. We blow away habeus corpus like it ain't a thing. Afraid of American intent. Afraid of American intent. Afraid of American intent. Verging on the pathological, America dawns its fangs and fury forlornly through the Neoconservative rose-tinted glasses of malice. The vision they reflect is callous and disingenious.

"Whaaaaaat? What? You lookin' at me???"

"You're either with US or with the Terrorists," Bush said. So, who's it gonna be tough guy?

Get us scared enough (Show intent that you'll build WMDs) and we'll blow the shit out of you? It's cool, we'll be global police. We won't expect to build nations though...even after we've tested out all our new weapons destroying it. But those of you who aren't scared-because you have WMDs...You will get diplomacy and negotiation. Because we're not that stupid, now, are we?

Who's going to save the world? Superman is dead. What are we going to do now? Isn't showing North Korea that it is to their incentive to have Nuclear weapons kind of twisted? So we'll just make More Weapons. And be sure to know...We'll kill it first and then see if IT should have died later. And we don't do body counts.

What consequences? You mean there is collateral damage. I have to thank Madeleine Albright and the Albright Foundation for that one. Well, that's to be expected when you fight a war on terror. Well, there's collateral damage on both sides.

How very human of America...not humane. Human. When you are afraid is when you strike out with less accuracy. Need I say more? Oh, yes. America is intent on becoming a warfare state (if it isn't already). You've heard of welfare states. You know those wonderful ones in Scandanavia and North Europe (that have no racism or problems at all, ha). Well, America's a Warfare State with No Plan to Win (any) Peace. Iraq now, the litmus test for preventive war, is barely standing on its own as the pentultimate articulation of this miserably failing foreign policy. The excuse to stay in Iraq will be repeated. It is so unstable, if we pull there will be civil war. Well, how about this...what if under either circumstance, you leave or don't leave, there will be civil war. Now that suits Neocons just fine as long as their sons and daughters do not have to fight. Who suffers? The consequences Iraqis suffer is the analog for the digital misery thrust upon Iraq. Failed American foreign policy or lack of a policy is the output. American troops and the turmoil they cause are the forced input. These troops and their families are sufferers, too, no doubt.

I'm amazed at the current state of global affairs. How there is actively thriving existential tenacity that induces fear, paranoia, and creates an eerie vision of the future of humanity. We each bath in it in the metropolii of the earth. The range it reaches in the US is unmistakable, though. To bring what I'm talking about into more focus. There is no doubt it is in tune with that existential crisis you may have had or are having at this moment. Hope shines as an exception amidst the chaos in Iraq. These glimpses of hope are not enough to render a sane image of what I hope Iraq to be. Really, though. So much is stripped down and naked before our own eyes. Literally and figuratively. Literally, there are those prisoners stripped naked before millions of Americans and for the consumption of them. The now notorious hooded man is a symbol of Iraqi opression from the housewife to the baathist. Nobody should have to suffer like this and be told we are here to "liberate" the rest of you. Many here, in America, in the academy, are ashamed while existing in this ill contrived frame-work. Sure names come to mind as to who should held accountable for acts that have gone far beyond "just a few bad apples." Now, the fact that this administration has held nobody accountable just shows how few people hold most of the power in this "democratic" society have changed the nature of our what one could classically define as democracy.

Is this a democratic republic still?


"Ha ha ha...shuuut uuuup, you're kidding right?"


The fourth and sixth amendments are essentially nullified under the Patriot Act. We're going backwards for perptual war. If we choose this path (even if Kerry gets elected) we know it's untenable. What are the grandchildren of America going to do because of the dopplering effect this war on Iraq has created? If America is at the point were it relies on new alliances just springing up for conveineince like Pakistan, then don't the state of things seem a tinge of imperialistic? So, we're in the battle for the new age. It's exactly like star wars, or mad max out there...ah, but that's not real. This "brother of star wars" project is apparently. And once Americans say hey, now space is ours. And kicks the ISS out of orbit, the moon and mars are colonized along with the entire middle east and south asia, and we all live happily ever after.

Americans need to witness, see, I mean see. This lack thereof, or vacuum, of images that are realities for millions of Iraqis is missing. The Iraqi voice is still missing. What if those photographs were never caught at My Lai? What if those photographs of Abu Ghraib never existed? And there are more even more horrible things we've yet to SEE. Americans need to see certain things and they're minds will change quickly. The problem is the Media structure being so corporate and top-heavy that seeing is not believing (when watching television, say). But when the American voice shows up, informed with the facts, I have no doubt they would be appalled by current circumstances.

Iraq and Iraqis are tired. But not tired enough to resist occupation. Matters are tenuous at best. I'm hearing about and now experiencing worse things than I have in the past 19 months of occupation. The American foothold in the middle east is indeniable at the present moment. But it's foothold with the Iraq people does not even exist. There is a complete disconnect between governing and the people.

I thought we are giving up too many liberties in America to save freedom. Iraqis don't have security to run a state at all! And what is sovereignty under such terrible security conditions currently in Iraq? Indeed, it is and will continue to be the excuse of the American presence in Iraq. LACK OF SECURITY...NOT ENOUGH SECURITY...TO HOLD ELECTIONS...

Well, I don't think George Bush Co. or Iyad Allawi knows there is a difference in the definition of the terms freedom and liberty...there is a difference in sovereignty and lack of sovereignty....there is a difference between liberal ideals like the woman's right to vote and the inalienable rights of all men and women. Should we not preserve these rights, first and foremost?

And Iraq was doing far better in the rights of women category during Saddam's time, it is sad to say. Women cannot go out right now. Where is secular Iraq going? And why am I so afraid that the intention of this administration will result in precisely what the Neocons say they are trying to prevent. They say they are trying to prevent a religious theocracy in Iran from getting WMDs. And then they said they will prevent Iraq becoming a religious theocracy. Well, they may have created another monster again...and would I be so coarse to say they did it on purpose. An excuse to control all of the middle east and south east asia. A foothold on CHINA perhaps? That's Act II Scene 4, in case you're wondering.

Sidenote: You cannot logically prevent a war by starting one. But you can set-off a series of events and conflicts that can only lead to more potentialities of negative realities.

Again, you cannot prove a negative. Haven't we at least learned this through the failed attempt to hold to international law and making the UN relevent in solving the crisis? Instead, it became our obsession to prove one's guilt of intent through military solutions...this war was one of choice and was in the cards for a long time according to the neocons that must now be excommunicated from office. Impeachment won't do for me. They must exile and seek refuge. These people do not belong in the realm of American politics or any where near power. Il est tres dangereux pour le monde, non?

And if any body in this administration thinks there is a viable military solution for Iraq, they will be sorely mistaken. No bases, no oil, no strategic control. No soup for America. Come back, never again.

Without dialogue, respect for our peoples, our ancient culture and traditions, those little glimpses of hope that we can measure with a yardstick are jagged spears edges slicing through my eyes.

Without accountability, there shall be no justice.
Without real elections across 100 percent of Iraq, there is no Iraq--with the exception of our memories.


ps, i'll fix and add later, sorry bit messy...wrote it too wuickly...more research and links on the way.


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