(T)error - game and reality / Terror - reality no game

Here's an art exbt. (T)error that you may find of interest. (thanks to exitart, robert praxmarer)

Related is the reality or terror that Iraqis awake to besides being "liberated" from the ills of the past. Unfortuately, an array of new harsh realities knock up-side the head of Iraq.

I wonder who doesn't have a horrible story to tell (who has been living inside Iraq) during the past 19 months. You'd have to be exceedingly jaded to take on such an optimistic view as to cloud the reality that nothing is getting done in Iraq. Senseless death has few friends besides wanton destruction and the occassional smell of napalm in the morning.

Culture wars are on: iRaq commercials via some culture jamming that rubs the many Iraqis the wrong way (but not me). I'd rather have some truth in the couple weeks preceding the elections, instead of continued distortion of the facts on the ground.
- if there's any way to get exposure for a momentous event like Abu Ghraib I do not take offense to the commercials Ladybird shows on her blog. Well done, as a matter of fact. A view from Broome St.

Economic war is on (200 billion reparations to kuwait on Oct 21 - see Naomi Klein, among other monstrosities with James Baker and Mad. Albright). This was clearly a major reason for launching the invasion. OPEN THE MARKETS!

Political war is brewing on both ends of the atlantic, gulf, and sea at about an 8 hour cycle. Plan to keep up with events. Good luck. Here's what I think. Fragmentation possible. Legitimate elections across 100% of Iraq is THE last hope for bring a semblance of democratic method to Iraq. And Iraq that is representative of its people. Not an Iraqi interem government that was appointed by American authorities. More accountability from American administration would allow for an easier and less dangerous time from Iraqi resistance.

I skirt myself, but we've had some terrible news. I reserve my family's right of privacy concerning this great loss for Iraq and for our family.

love over fear,

I still don't believe Iraqi Christians should leave. Sure, I'm angry. I'm angry about a lot of things right now. But my unequivocal position remains unchanged. Christians in Iraq shall stay beyond the odds and difficulties...and in some cases, beyond the Iraqi's ability to even secure proper exit into a Western country.

We shall work to preserve our rights (what are our rights under occupation???) as long as we feel they are threatened or being taken away from us by Negroponte and Allawi. And if proper elections do not come along on-time and in such an indeniably viable method. We're in for the real shit-storm.


Welcome to the black, welcome to Iraq

Where the love over fear
will bring us near
to those for whom we care
and hold high in our sight
a vision of light
that our self-determination is bright.

Without our culture of resistance
without the respect we command
without relentless insistance
on the standards of the righteous
(not standards of puppets and former tyrants)
mothers and fathers bore unto Iraq
its greatest natural resource...its children.

I fear an occupation pre-occupying (toward a righteous goal of NOT being occupied) a generation of young Iraqis, as was done and continues to be done in Palestine.
I fear an occupation lasting over 35 years, as we aided and abated whilst continuing to do so in Palestine.
I fear an occupation will not last long. And it will take ONLY a limited number of Iraqis to defeat the occupation politically if was wished.
So beware Brits and Americans please, because if you don't read your history carefully
This episode could well repeat. And while I know the level of fondness for re-runs has peaked
here in the U S of A for the TV and reality blows shows, rent it on DVD, watch it for a week,
and puke out all the deep idle mind shit you learned in a jif. Don't create hypnotization through moat-like avoidance and stubborn inebriation sowed from electron stimulation on blinking color tubes, plasmas, and flat screens...
it's all an orgasmatorium for explorium. the liberal nation state shat upon by Saudi Arabia (yes 15 out of 19 of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia). So, why didn't we attack them? They're OUR friends. Oh, so that's how one treats a friend, huh?

Let's send a bunch of special ops forces into Israel to crack down on both the suicide bombers and the settlers who are BREAKING International Law. Don't mean to get you worked up too much.

Rest well and do all those noueveau riche + half-yuppy with high cultural capital in western things like yoga and health food, but DON'T just don't forget to vote. Important point: 'Security MOMS' merge verge and purge themselves along with most of the House of Bush if they vote for him. And, yes, America is less safe.

Only through dialogue (-our vote-) and care to communicate shall we slowly come out of such a deep reclusive hole of decrepit sterile and slanted cultures that have lead to the alienation of America in the world and America's own desensitization of its problems that have deeply embedded roots in the manner which this country began and governed both most recently and since Locke and Hobbes--our "great" finders of our "liberalism" that even O'reilly cannot dispute.

Young one, this nation, 200 or so...should it be given another chance in its own context of 30-50 year lifetime cycle short-term thinking? Or should empire collapse upon itself through more self-destructive policy that leads us further into a tunnel of excrement, dark with no protective eyewear.



note: i'm still on my stream of consciousness bit of writing when it comes to the blog. you'll have to deal with this until i get more focused.


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