echoBloggin the times and some horrific pics

First, read the story "How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence" by David Barstow

I proceed with this as an echoBlog post of the nytimes coverage on this matter + some other pictures.

"We know we have a part of the picture. And that part of the picture tells us that he is, in fact, actively and aggressively seeking to acquire nuclear weapons." --Vice President Dick Cheney
"Meet the Press," Sept. 8, 2002

Right, you lie and lie like it's goin' out of style. You lied us into a war of choice. And you deserve the wrath of informed voters on November the 2nd

Alex Wong/NBC

American centrifuges in the Oak Ridge plant stand much higher than those used in Europe
These are the ones we have to enrich uranium. Cool, huh? We could blow up the world with the amount of uranium enriched in Oakridge.

Aluminum tubes accumulated by Iraq were often stored outside and had to be coated to resist the weather. That coating made them unsuitable for use in centrifuges that could have refined uranium into bomb material.
Now look at the Aluminum tubes Iraq was supposed to be able to enrich uranium with and destroy the "civilized" world with...I think they could use these for building the new national council tents. So, they don't go to complete waste, you know?

The International Atomic Energy Agency

Now, I realize it doesn't benefit the Iraqi psyche for me to post the following pictures. I feel it's necessary to confront the ills and without these pictures existing we cannot claim that these abuses happened. So, this is for the record. And herein are some of those responsible for the abuse that have yet to be held accountable. Namely, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. General Karpinski is pictured with Rumsfeld below at Abu Ghraib. Do you notice that look of complete horror on her face? She has spoken out, as many know, that her orders came from higher up on the food-chain. I wonder who those gluttonous gorgers of food were...Cheney, Rumsfeld??? And I'm sure there are plenty others that were in on this clear violation of human rights and the Geneva Convention. I'll try to paint a clearer picture with the help of those like General Taguba and Seymour Hersh. I'm sure others will come forward--in time--no matter how much of a gag-threat they place on persons through methods they applied to the likes of Ambassador Joseph Wilson. So here you go...apologies if you don't wish to see it...but if you don't, you don't wish to accept the reality that heinous acts did, in fact, take place and now few scapegoats are being hushedly ostracised so that Bush and Cheney's re-election hope remains alive. One or two more whistleblowers could end their hopes to retain the White House in a heartbeat and they know it.

Now, I don't know what looks more evil than this...

General Karpinski, please get some rest...you look like a walking zombie. And Donald, iron your pants...look a little more presentable to the tortured prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

Update: My, the time off writing editorials did Thomas Friedman some good. I'm amazed at his forceful voice. And Bush Inc. better be worried because they lost one of their staunchest allies for the war at the NY Times. And that ain't no joke.


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