Bush would Accept Islamic Iraq, Bush fundamentalizes the Middle East

hat-tip to Juan Cole first for making me aware of this (will finish reading his post later, must post now)

According to the Associated Press, Bush would "accept" an "Islamic" Iraq.

Becoming a client to another state in the region, in process...

Problem is...Iraqis will not handle being controlled, not to mince words. Enough damage has been done on Iraqis.
Where did secular Iraq go? With the fundamentalization of the middle east through acts such as Fallujah and Abu Ghraib...
Did secularism in Iraq die its first death with the launching of this illegal war? What is the goal of stamping out Iraqi secularism? All I know is that you'll have trouble doing this, if that's the actual plan.

This is remarkable. How excitable and actionable rhetoric in doses can completely change the meaning of what is exactly occurring.

The US came into Iraq and fundamentalized it for a purpose...to fight the terrorists in Iraq instead of NY...the logic doesn't hold water. Unless the result you wish for is perpetual war in some form or another. How much more proof does the world need that these extremisms (of the white house and of osama) HELP one another foment to levels of extremism that previously never existed. And that's bad for us all, isn't it? I believe Iraqis do not want their cities to be the sites of EVEN MORE terrorism than has been inflicted upon them. But that's the plan from the American perspective from the out-set? To take the battle over "there" to fight "them" ? Well this is good for both militant American administration and militant islamic fundamentalist...one group (the US) holds a blanket on the uproar with their superior media control, while another (osama and the gang) revels in the humiliation of America having to stay in Iraq and continue their crazy reality, and strengthen their ranks through the Iraqi pawn. What could strengthen the Iraqi resistance more than those pictures of Abu Ghraib, where NO substantive accountability may yet be seen. This is a complex web of understanding and I need a few.

Colin Powell was right, they are "fucking crazies." Unfortunately, he helped legitimize them.

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