Trick-or-treating outlawed in Baghdad, Washington. What are you going to be for Halloween?

I'm going to be one of those Republicans doing illegal things in the election (see last post) singing warm leatherette to the top of my lungs. I should be taking a hearty nap preparing for a surreal 9 days+, but instead I'm captivated and disturbed. And consequently awake...Scary. Diana Moon of Letter from Gotham sums it up. Andrew Gumbel of The Independent (UK) breaks it down. I wish I could have a sense of humor about anything right now. I just don't see anything pointing to something positive. I will vote soon, though. That's all I can do. Washington Post is supporting Kerry. Pretty significant. Senators McCain and Biden criticize the treatment of Iraqi prisoners. Why is it just occuring to them now, though? Maybe it's because of a CIA report that shows that Iraqis are being taken out of Iraq for interrogation. That's illegal.

Round down:

-Heads up about MTC opening jails in Britain. These are the same cats that ran Abu Ghraib. So, take good note of it.

-William Gibson back to blogging. Cool. Virtualize yo'self fo' us.

-Juan Cole talks Eminem: Juan Cole and others digest Eminem's "Mosh". Very significant leak of a song. (quicktime, real player streams of the video)

-Rolling Stone with an infuriating piece.

-Rory McCarthy in Baghdad with a real story with some interesting points. How did he manage it?

-A brief chart. 21 rationales for war.

-Dear Limey A$$holes

-Punk rockers unite

-Fisk @ MIT after Powell's lies at the UN, direct video

Iraqi Vox Alert
-Salam's week in DC with The Guardian. 7 days of wicked glory and insanity!!!
-Ghaith, as well. He knows how strange it is and says it here.
-Abu Khaleel with some moist Iraqi tidbits and an ambitious project.
-Iraqi doctor, Dr. Saif tells you what's happening in his life.
-Ibrahim Khalil writes, Iraq Today from Mosul. Some interesting perspectives about Christians in Iraq from a Muslim point of view.

more later...sorrry to those of you who've been trying to contact me. i tried my best to catch up today. i'll be in touch soon.


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