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Last week, the Bush administration put another spin on the twisted legal reasoning behind the brutalization of prisoners at military jails, apparently in hopes of smoothing the promotion of Alberto Gonzales, the White House counsel. Mr. Gonzales, who oversaw earlier memos condoning what amounts to torture and scoffed at the Geneva Conventions, is being rewarded with the job of attorney general.

But the document only underscored the poor choice Mr. Bush made when he decided to elevate a man so closely identified with the scandal of Abu Ghraib, the contempt for due process at Guantánamo Bay and the seemingly unending revelations of the abuse of Afghan and Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers. Like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the other chief architect of these policies, Mr. Gonzales shamed the nation and endangered American soldiers who may be taken prisoner in the future by condoning the sort of atrocious acts the United States has always condemned.

Josh Marshall has a way of inducing these moments of hallicinatory meta-political clarity:

"Here's a question -- one I don't know the answer to, but one which I suspect may have an uncomfortable answer. We know that Al Gonzales has been White House Counsel for the last four years and that he's played an instrumental role in several legal findings and memos which have given legal sanction to torture (or what I guess we might call 'the act formerly known as torture'). What if Gonzales had had some roughly equivalent position in Argentina or Chile in the late 1970s? Would he have faced subsequent legal vulnerability and/or consequences?"

If you want to add your blog to those voicing Alberto Gonzales is NOT fit to be Attorney General, then visit here.

Anybody even remotely involved in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and torture scandal should not be appointed to any high cabinet posts. But somebody that is so obviously involved on such an intimate level in the scandal should be struck down from being nominated. If he is nominated the plan seems to be to scuttle Gonzales into the Supreme Court at a later date. This is completely unacceptable and a disgusting use and abuse of power by the president.

Please support this cause and speak out at any chance against the ascension of Alberto Gonzales to the helm of the Department of Justice.


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