Dowd: "Iraq is a bastion of freedom thanks to George."

In a remarkable reversal of her usual pessimistic and unrealistic opinions, Maureen Down of the NY Times now realizes that Iraq has become a "beacon of freedom in the Middle East." After almost 4 years of constant criticism of the president, Dowd said to Shlonkom Bakazay? on Saturday "you know, I thought he was really mistaken about this whole Iraq adventure. But now I know his objectives were pure. President Bush only wanted to help liberate the Iraqi people. And everybody in the world should realize this by now. Imagine Athenian democracy in its early days when you think of Iraq now."

Now, SB? gives you an exclusive glimpse of this new burgeoning democracy in action.

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Ooops, Iraq is truly a democratic athenaeum in the making


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