Draconian Elections Commence

Blogger just ate my post. Grrrr...

I'm already in a frazzled and in an over-aware state.

I'm very confused about these state-of-emergency elections. Nobody can drive, dusk to dawn curfews...why erase one police state only to replace it with another? Chris Allbritton takes the words right out of my mouth. He's doing some live-blogging at the moment of the situation. Check him out.

In my disappearing post I was saying how I should check out arabic satellite tv to see what it all looks like, but he reports that they're only allowing five cameras in all of the polling stations (6,000 places). I mean, come on...

What a joke. These elections really are flawed, aren't they? This is how democracy is supposed to take root? Police state elections. Riiiggggggght, sure...

I fear these elections are only going to create more chaos and enmity within the local, confused populace. It certainly sets a bad example as to how democracy is supposed to work. But a whole lot of whatever...is all I can say at this point.

Let's hope nothing serious happens. But my gut gives me this eerie eerie feeling from far far away. And frankly, I'm horrified at what the possible ramifications of having this election like this will have on the future. For instance, what if Iraqis DON'T like the constitution that is formed? No matter if the elections were legitimate or not...what if this is the case? It could lead to something cataclysmic. And because things are already so unimaginably screwed up...and because I couldn't have dreamt up a worse situation to hold elections in...I've grown used to thinking about the worst possible scenario these days. Add an attack on Iran, and the freaks in D.C. have their armageddon. Knowledgable people around me are throwing predictions around, like: if the US attacks Iran, Iran attacks Saudi Arabia (and who else?) and sinks some ships in the gulf, halting any oil getting out of the region, bringing the entire global economy to a stand-still and crashing the dollar. And remember, Iran is not going to be a push-over like the dilapidated Iraqi army...even if they don't have nukes. But lets just assume they won't have them because the US would never attack a country with a nuclear weapon. As the North Korean case has proven...Anyway, something similar to this scenario could transpire and that freaks me out. I think the neocon "crazies" theory goes that they can attack Iran from the air and the people will then overthrow the mullahs. I don't buy it. It's complete bullshit if you ask me. And if these completely mad bastards are willing to risk it, they're inviting hell to dinner. You know that saying, "Don't shit where you eat?" Well, America is eating in Iraq right now. Until they leave the table, they'd be very poorly advised to shit on it any more than they already have. But I sincerely doubt the Bush administration will be leaving the table any time soon. I hope my gut is wrong...very wrong, in fact. I really do. Please let it be wrong, please...I need some sleep.

Peace on Iraq and Iraqis...


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