Armstrong Williams: "I gots'tah get paid son..."

Armstrong Williams, the world's only acclaimed right-wing African-American talk-show host, has divulged to Shlonkom Bakazay? last week "I gots'tah get paid son...these A&R guys ain't puttin' it on the shelf fo' my ass. Clarence said he was gonna hook me up with some Supreme Court tail, and that didn't come through...and my man Strom said he had some mad-tight senate perk hand-offs for me. Instead I get a lame 240K from the prez? Not so fast bitches. I want that in Euros. That's why I'm coming out and telling these cracker-ass crackers and that cracker-in-disguise Clarence to step the f--- off!" After many months deliberating upon what he would do after not receiving each of his demands, Williams said "These Capitol Hill crunchies ain't gonna get in my way any mo'. I'm taking President Bitch and all his homies down now. So, j'yeah...they bribed my ass."

The New York Times > National > TV Host Says U.S. Paid Him to Back Policy


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