Britain's Abu Ghraib "Moment" Continues

The Independent Sunday reveals more reality. Accountability is still a word in the vocabulary of the British, though.

Muhanned Dhahir Abdullah claims he was forced to lean over an open toilet and then kicked and punched. He alleges he was also hooded, forced to drink urine, soaked with hot water and fluorescent chemicals, made to clean out latrines with his bare hands, and told to "dance like Michael Jackson".

I get this odd feeling. Orientalism is operating at a highly functional level inside Iraq. The denial is as thick as the Ambrosia custard being eaten inside many British homes. And outside Iraq...yea, I get this odd feeling that nobody will really really believe an Iraqi if he or she tells somebody s/he was tortured unless he or she has the pictures to prove it. But if you reverse the situation...the Iraqi would always be guilty...even if there were no pictures. This feeling makes me want to puke.

At least 20 soldiers implicated in further Iraqi abuse claims


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