Proof that an Iraqi's life is not worth the same as an American's in the eyes of the occupier

You won't find this anywhere in an American newspaper. 3 years for shooting an innocent woman in the head...

In America you could be executed for shooting somebody in the head. Ask George...He knows a little bit about executing prisoners in his time as governor of Texas. And unjust policies that move away from the more civilized world's trend for abolition of capital punishment are the Prez' bread and butter.

"In a statement, the military said Specialist Charley Hooser of the 1st Cavalry Division was sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted of one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of making a false statement. 

'The convictions stem from an incident on November 24, when Hooser killed an interpreter, shooting her in the head,' the military said late on Saturday.

'Later that day, he made an official statement with the intent to deceive, denying involvement in the death of the civilian interpreter"

A killer joke

On the day of the incident, Dajani and 28-year-old Luma, whose full name was not disclosed, were in a room at an American base, joking about killing someone, the soldiers testified at the court martial hearing.

Dajani handed a handgun to Hooser, who thought it had been cleared and pulled the trigger as he held it to the young woman's head. The two GIs then lied to investigators, claiming that Luma had shot herself.

The woman had worked as a translator for The Washington Post daily before taking a job with the military.

Several US soldiers have been sentenced or are awaiting court martial in Iraq for their role in the killing of Iraqis. The scandal over abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail by US troops has also sparked widespread outrage. 

Aljazeera.Net - US soldiers slapped on the wrist for Iraqi woman's killing


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