Professor Juan Cole summarizes all my concerns

My confusion is brought to an abrupt halt thanks to Professor Cole. Well, not really...but he summarizes many of my concerns for Iraq at the moment and explains the events that led up to this election day. Thankfully he points out that the UN ration cards could have been used last May to have elections in a much more safe environment. But they weren't because of the political decision of the Bush administration for the elections in Iraq to be scheduled to not interfere with the American elections. Anyway please read this latest entry of Professor Cole to understand more about these elections and the future ramifications of them for Iraq and America. I, too, am simply nauseated by the coverage of American news outlets. It's made out to be an exercise in self-help or validation for all the death and misery that has been put directly upon Iraq and America. It is, however, completely understandable that people are tremendously enthusiastic about being able to go through this exercise...even under such draconian lock-down. The next couple months will go a long way to explain what will happen in Iraq. Let us all hope for the best.


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