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Monday, January 10, 2005
Still alive

I have a computer exam tomorrow, so, I have time to write now..

We're living in a MESS right now.. Things are not going well, I'm writing everything in a small diary so that I can write it to you later.

Today, I had a Chemistry exam. The bridges were closed in the morning (And still are), many students couldn't come to have the exams they had because they live in the other part of the city.. Some managed to soften the heart of the Americans by crying and came to have the exam but only an hour before the end of the exam; however, they won't be able to go back to their homes. Some others managed to come on foot.. We had the exam at last, but we don't know if we're going to have to do it again with the others later.

It seems like the Americans are losing control on everything.. They seem to be shooting everyone in their way. The guard of our school (An old man who has a difficulty hearing, and who has 9 children, and who has managed to work as a driver in his free time) got killed by the Americans with everyone who was in the car with him.. My friend's aunt got killed by the Americans too..

Also, the soldiers are still breaking into the houses of civilians. They entered some neighbors of my friend' houses and then cut all the phone lines in the street... I got worried sick about her, especially that she was too late today at school, and when we called her, the phone was ringing ad nobody answered!

I stopped taking my mobile to school, they told us that we're not allowed to bring it with us, and if we did, they won't let us have the exams. And this is just stupidity since it's really needed in such situations!

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