Electoral commission's chief in northern city flees

Salem Aref reports the head of commission preparing for elections in Mosul has fled after reports of embezzlement surfaced. He (and others?) stole 252 million Iraqi dinars apparently. Bastards like that sucking Iraq dry seem more and more to be a part of some sick strategy. Will this amazing city with around 2 million people be free enough and feel safe enough to vote come 30 January? I doubt it. But American "officials" are saying that the vote will happen in Fallujah, so if their logic was sound at all...it would be able to happen in Mosul. Unfortunately, logic escapes every inch of Iraq at the moment. I'm learning relatively quickly that there is no logic in occupation.

Why weren't elections held a year ago? They're using the same method (UN food ration cards) that was rejected by Bremer as a means of auto-registering (--for male voters only). Iraqi women won't have this oppression after being so free for so long. Yes, Iraqi women--I repeat--Iraqi women were more free under Saddam than they are now. Anyway, elections could have easily been held in better conditions one year ago. And had they spent an iota of the money they promised to spend on creating jobs and essential services, we wouldn't be in the great mess we are in today.

Could one understand the frustration of ordinary Iraqis because of so many mistakes that were made by the CPA/IGC? And has Allawi and this sham of an interim government delivered on any of their promises? Some say Allawi's the best of the worst. I'd probably agree with that...but still, what seems wrong with the picture of him and other (even worse) blood-sucking sketchy exiles scraping endlessly for power?

Electoral commission's chief in northern city flees: Azzaman in English

ps: speaking of bleeding Iraq dry...


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