2046 & Wong Kar Wai

Ever since I bought that damn Chris Marker cd-rom I feel as though Wong Kar Wai is perhaps one of the best minds living. I thought, surely, if anybody would make a cd-rom well that it would be Marker. Boy was I wrong. I appreciate his foray into different mediums, but I just don't buy it. And there'll be a symposium on Marker at a school I once attended soon. I got this email about it recently and while the premise of "Immemory" is undoubtedly fascinating, I don't know why one of the required materials is this exact cd-rom. Anyway, I drift.

Recently, I saw 2046 premier in one of the world's premier capitols. Then I saw it with Japanese subtitles twice more...and grew even more fond of it. And now, I'm certain Wong Kar Wai is my favourite director. While Marker's a close second, nobody has been able to do to me both visually and mentally what WKW does with his films. Marker does something entirely different than WKW. Both are good. I just happen to be in love with WKW's method and passion at the moment. I will try to review it soon. Now go see the trailer at the site below. Also, check the official website for 2046. It doesn't offer anything beyond a black screen yet. Check back in a few weeks. I know I will be. Wong Kar Wai is an example of an artist that makes me feel happy to be alive. I hope you enjoy his films as much as I do.

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