"Ili yishoof il mawt, yirdha bil iskhooneh"

I would like to say Happy Eid...

But my friends in Baghdad do not seem to think so. What is this crazy #$%@ that River says about SIX DAYS with NO WATER? It is SO DAMN FRUSTRATING BEING IRAQI & AMERICAN...seeing so much being so wrong, and boiling with anger at the completely psycho idealougues in this administration for inflicting this "liberation" on Iraq.

I wonder what an American would do if they didn't have water for 6 days.


Happy Eid anyway to my Muslim brothers and sisters. We'll overcome this together and in time.

"Ili yishoof il mawt, yirdha bil iskhooneh"...And this is what I was afraid of when I spoke about being scared of Iraqis lowering their expectations. It's true...and it's maddening.

Baghdad Burning


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