GOP shoots for the middle to fool Americans, while the overwhelming majority of its current policy makers are far-right self-interested nut-cases

And in some cases, criminals like Elliot Abrams. Why is he the leader of this administration on the Israeli-Palestinian issue? Wasn't he a major proponent of the Iran Contra Affair? Wasn't he indicted? Why does it seem that all the people that have made such atrocious mistakes in this administration will suffer little consequence and possibly be appointed, like Abrams, to another wack administration?

The winds tell me Rumsfeld is going down one way or another, though. Could he sweet-talk his way into being the next Elliot Abrams? I don't recall Abrams being much of a sweet-talker...so probably yes.


Moving on, there's no better way to shoot for the middle than with Arnold and his magnificent immigrant story.

Arnold you're being used, can't you see it??? Or are you still stuck on the silver screen with very little dialogue? "Republicans are back." You didn't need to get your daddy to help you get a cush position during Vietnam, but perhaps you'd like to try copious amounts of cocaine and alcohol like our commander in chief before really getting political? Or maybe you did that already in Hollywood. Arnold? Who's YOUR daddy, hm? Not George H.W. Bush, that's for sure. But who's your mommy? Maria Kennedy Shriver? Damn, what better splicing exists of the two party system into the republicats than you? While John McCain maintains his respectability someHOW, boy is he pissing me off for not running for president (not that he would be my first choice)...instead he's doing tours and commercials with bush? He's really keeping Bush alive in so many ways. Say WHAT? Soon, you'll be ill-respected for falling in line too Senator McCain. And the prez knows that McCain is one of the only public-figure aces up his sleeve now and so he's using him in abundance.

Doesn't anybody know American history and what republicans and democrats were originally? Boy, the secondary education system here sucks. I recently put much effort in trying to garner support to pilot a program for improving the terrible book situation in many secondary schools in some rural areas within my reach. Yes, this is liminal the activist. I heard, from a friend, that there weren't enough textbooks for the students at a school where her mother teaches. So, I got angry and started calling and emailing (the few who had email addresses) the people that could help me. The main aims were to update libraries and bring in more textbooks to certain schools that don't have enough for its students (--yes, in the U.S.--). And, guess what, all I got was silence...absolutely nothing, even from friends that are from the areas that would have been a part of the program. This just angers me, but people have their lives to live. I normally see this as a lame excuse, but I'll let it slide a little for now. (and don't start me about the lack of quality of the text books i've seen and the actual state of libraries in these schools.)

what a comedy. it's so fun being actively stuck in the middle of it, i tell ya.
heheh he...



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