The UN speeches & Bush caught in a lie by ABC

Bush's speech was directed at an American audience. He's trying to win political points in a really sick manner with invoking Sergio de Mello's name. What an asshole. Also, apparently, Iraq and Afghanistan are the two newest democracies in the world. That's another bullshit phrase. And it went on and on.

Kofi, meanwhile, took the chance to deftly voice his disdain for America avoiding international law. (txt) Although he spoke circuitously, his words were potent. And yes, it's a bit late, but Kofi is a good guy in a difficult situation. Imagine being the diplomat of diplomats. I have mixed feelings about the UN, but I'm now convinced Kofi didn't want this war. Therefore, he's aiiight.

And he really embarrassed Bush today. It seemed like the only person to acknowledge Bush during his speech was Hamid Karzai. Can you say client state boys and girls? Everybody else sat aghast at the ideological brick-brack coming out of Dubya's mouth. Fascinating.

Here's a good link for you. During a photo OP with Allawi, Bush was caught in a lie. Ah, always good to see that. But this time it wasn't John Stewart doing it. Peter Freakin' Jennings of ABC. So, why do people believe this guy? [the print story of this lie being caught]

Also, Juan Cole, with 'If America were Iraq, What would it be like?' is a must read.

Well, election time is almost here. And the panic is palpable in activism circles. But the people are polarized because of mixed psychological messages (i.e. the fear-mongering by the administration) and general ignorance of the historical and political. Reality is being totally avoided by Bush Inc., while more and more air raids are taking place to reduce American casualties heading into 2 November.

We'll see. It won't really matter for Iraq. The damage has already been done. But it will matter for the region and the rest of the world. So, it could indirectly matter...Ahhhh, I don't want to get into it.



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