And in dear Lebanon, the usual corruption

Al Jazeera reporting...
"What happened yesterday regarding the constitution and the presidency is unfamiliar - plotted by night and carried out swiftly by day," Sfeir said. Sfeir was talking about the Lebanese cabinet's approval of a bill to change the constitution, which would allow Lahud to stay in office. The bill was passed by the cabinet despite protests by the US and EU, who accuse Syria of interfering in Lebanon.

So Lahud stays so that Harriri and he can continue ripping Lebanon to pieces with no care whatsoever about the people of Lebanon. Would somebody like to ask how such a situation came about? Oh, but that would take 1001 nights to explain. Could this be the seed to lead to further action on Syria? and Saudi Arabia too? Because you have to know how much control and influence Saudis have in Lebanon with Harriri buying up the whole place. Where does he get the money to buy most of Lebanon? Hm. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. And while he is a super wealthy man to begin with, to take the actions he has during the recent past must along with some aid from some super wealthy family that seeks to continue opressing the free-spirited people of Lebanon so that it becomes the resort vacation nation for wealthy gulf arabs.

I wish the policy makers would read their history and help Lebanon help itself. Haram on everybody colluding to destroy this beautiful country of ancient culture. Again, I smack of populism. But really, when have the people really been in any even discreet control in Lebanon? What will the U.S. do next besides the Syria Accountability Act?