McCain, the Idiot on Iraq

Senator John McCain proved he's about just as dumb as Bush Inc. is when it comes to the situation in Iraq when he made comments that amounted to saying that Fallujah needs to be attacked in order for there to be national elections in Iraq. Professor Cole and a nytimes article I read earlier (but can't find now) drew my attention to the senator's comments on FOCKsNews.

This kind of logic is extremely foolish (yet par for the course) and isn't going to be received well by Iraqis. He was right about the looting after the initial fall of Baghdad, though. But yet again another politician is patting himself on the back with hindsight 20/20. It's like making spaghetti out of silly putty. Iraqis like me can't cook or eat that...so it's a waste of your time hehhhbeebi. Oh, I forgot it's an election year and you've gotta play tough to make sure people know that Boosh is the mukh'tar for the American people on November 2nd. Can't show any cracks in the armor now, can we? That ain't how we play says Johnny 'too good' McCain.

Republicans can continue to be wrong about things and still receive the support of the American people. It's remarkable to me. My wish is to comprehend who is accountable for Abu Ghraib and the inane assaults that kill more civilians than bad guys. My list of things that must be held accountable for is long of course, but that's the short of it.

I wish Kerry Edwards was actually a really hot woman, instead of those two useless muppets miserably trying to beat Cheney Bush. If Kerry doesn't snap out of it, he's going to really embarrass himself come November.

NOTE: Newshounds.us is the website that churns out a fair interpretation of the lies that appear 24hrs/day on FoxNews. I was going to put up a link to Fox News (lies) on the sidebar, but now I'll put up this site instead.

And try to check out "OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism". Again, it was made by the same people who made "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War".


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