Mr. President, when did Iraq become a democracy?

I'm sorry, I think I missed that.

You said yesterday Kerry "prefers the stability of a dictatorship to the hope and security of democracy". Where is the hope in Iraq when violence seems to be a downward spiral? And don't you think there would be hope if there was security?

There is no security in Iraq, Mr. President.


Why is electricity still a problem, Mr. President?

Why is water supply still a problem, Mr. President?

Why is Iraqi unemployment so high? It is easier to destroy a country than rebuild it, isn't it?

Mr. President, why has nobody accepted any responsibility at all for the torture and abuse in Iraqi prisons?

And why have you invited foreign terrorists inside Iraq with this invasion, Mr. President, and decided it has made America safer?

You are playing right into Al Qaida's hands, Mr. President.

And they want you to win the election Mr. President.

How does it feel to have such an ally in politics, Mr. President?


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