Allawi's speech to congress: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

What a pile of smelly and scorching BS smothered all over and flaming up his slacks when he says only 3 of 18 provinces will perhaps not be able to vote. Baghdad, a city with 5 million people will probabIy end up being one of the 3. Sistani exististani! Al-Sistani is an awoken giant. It was smart for the piece (linked below) to come out in the Times the day of Allawi's speech. Whether this was intentional or not, who knows. But well done...

I'm going to take a page out of Bagnewsnotes and interpret what a couple pictures are really attempting to say in the NY Times.

1) Bush is thinking, "What kind of bird is that in the sky? Maybe it's not a bird."

2) Bush is thinking, "What am I doing here? When's lunch."

3) Bush is concerned, "Aye-Yad better remember to use the word limited like Karl told him to."

4) Bush wonders, "What is Aye-yad holding in his hand? I hope he doesn't kiss me like last night."

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi of Iraq was embraced by Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress. "I stand here today as the prime minister of a country emerging finally from dark ages of violence," Dr. Allawi said.

1) Connecticut is for kissers

2) Lets take a closer look at that...

3) Cultural Exchange

4) Allawi is snoggling a republican for the other 17 Billion on the condition he gets a 10% finders fee

5) Allawi says before smooching, "Ya Hella Beek, Mr. Representative...let me show you how this Iraqi loves his brother"

* * *
Herbert and Krugman pack a steel-knuckled 1-2 punch in the Times today
an Editorial.

wah-dah tOWWW!

Update with magnanimous weight: River posted. Check out some of her sweetness, light, and insight.


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