Robert Novak: "Quick exit from Iraq likely"

I had a feeling that this was what it was all about: Getting rid of the potentiality of Saddam's will. I want to say my feeling has been confirmed with Novak's article. This has got to be a news leak from administration officials...similar to the one that leaked Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife's name. Here's a few sentences from it.

This prospective policy is based on Iraq's national elections in late January, but not predicated on ending the insurgency or reaching a national political settlement. Getting out of Iraq would end the neoconservative dream of building democracy in the Arab world. The United States would be content having saved the world from Saddam Hussein's quest for weapons of mass destruction.

The reality of hard decisions ahead is obscured by blather on both sides in a presidential campaign. Six weeks before the election, Bush cannot be expected to admit even the possibility of a quick withdrawal. Sen. John Kerry's political aides, still languishing in fantastic speculation about European troops to the rescue, do not even ponder a quick exit. But Kerry supporters with foreign policy experience speculate that if elected, their candidate would take the same escape route.

I have nothing to say about politics for a while, unless something pretty remarkable happens. What election? In Iraq? In the U.S.?

And the human consequences will have to be dealt with for a long time to come. Included, there will be the disappointment of the Iraqi people and of the American people who have lost too much while gaining too little.


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