Exactly My Thoughts: Saluting Juan Cole

You can't break down taboos unless you challenge them. Of course, there is the danger that if you challenge them, you will be attacked, and destroyed politically or marginalized. Perhaps it is even likely.

But our country is in dire danger from the conflicts in the Middle East. If I had been a younger man (I am 51) I would have gone to fight al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The very least I can do is to speak out about the dangers, and urge solutions of the problems generating the terrorism. What good is freedom of speech if we don't use it?

Click on to read this... one of the latest from Professor Cole. I agree with the first and last sentence above whole-heartedly. The entire entry is important, though. Such sound logic in illogical times...So, please read it.

I have so much to write about I don't know where to begin. I don't have much time now so I'll save it for later.

I will mention this, though. I found a great website with a lot of Daily Show clips among other interesting videos. I've noticed that the Daily Show website's videos section does not work at all since they changed the format. Meaning, you can't watch the clips because most of those links to videos I have here have gone sour. Sorry...but check out the above site. And there are other kindred spirits with a sense of humor putting up so many hilarious videos in other places...I'll try and put those links up soon.

Ok, much to do...

Have a good one.
L O'er F


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