Bruce "the biatch" Lehman on Kerry's Technology Team

You think I'd spare Kerry. No no...

Lessig notes that Lehman, according to the National Journal Tech Daily (23.9.04), is playing a "relatively minor role" on Kerry's Tech team and that he's not a part of his "core group" of advisors.

Then Lessig pontificates...

But whether core or fringe, why is he part of “tech” advisers at all? Lehman’s policies did more to encourage the war on technology that these past 8 years have seen than anyone else in DC. Let him serve on the “last century protectionists” committee. Indeed, make him the chair.

Lehman says he finds it “really sad — pretty sad” that I had criticized him on this blog. (No confirmation which.) And just to show how effective I’ve been in getting my point across, Lehman is quoted as saying: “[Lessig] seems to believe you can have a post-industrial economy without any copyrights.” Oh yes. That’s exactly what I believe. I’m also a Marxist, and commune regularly with Chairman Mao. With insight such as this, I can see why he’d be such a valuable member of the Kerry team.

I don't like Kerry more than I did yesterday.

But Boooosh is still worse. I hate being put in the position where I have to choose the 'lesser of two'...what a mentally idle situation. Being pushed into political complacency by a rotten system is cancerous on the soul.

Oh well...Pinch your nose, eat the shit, and deal with it on the way down. Who ever said it would taste good?


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