Update on Un Ponte Per Baghdad Kidnapping 2

The Un Ponte site has some breaking information in Italian. Yes, I'm fluent in Italian. It seems as though the latest update was at 3.15am and they say that it's been a little time since the last update (at 1.51) with nothing new. They found out around 1am. And they believe the message up until this point is a little reliable. Speriamo. or We hope. Then, they say they'll need time for verification. "Now we return to silence and work. Until we are certain we will not have peace." ...

Let's hope for the best. Also, they mention that there was no word about Ra'ad and Manhaz in the message. And what's more important they noted the website posting the terrible message has been unreliable in the past. So we have both hope and some verifiable reality on our side still.

Update: Check on the Free Our Friends blog, or Un Ponte site. There's been a second claim from a different website.


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