MoveOn ad about Rumsfeld taking accountability for Abu Ghraib

Rumsfeld should be fired. I hear Cheney has made the calls to tell everybody to tough it out through the election and have nobody take any accountability. Unfortunately, this makes things on the ground much more difficult for American troops and the Iraqi people. The fact that there has been absolutely no accountability (i.e. bad appples does not count when the it is obviously a system problem.), leads to having more moderate and previously unwilling Iraqis to fight for HONOR. Yes, honor is a big deal to Iraqis in case you have not figured that out. I know it doesn't even have a currency in D.C. these days, but in Iraq...honor is arguably the most important meta-currency that exists. Death before dishonor, is the rule in much of Iraq. And right now the occupation has spilled copious amounts of dishonor, humiliation, and death upon the populace. No wonder, then, matters have gotten much worse lately. Oh but, that's just one of many many reasons. More reasons to hate the American presence are being created every day.

Check out this MoveON ad made a while ago...they hold my sentiments exactly. If there were some accountability, Iraqis would feel less dehumanized by the occupation. The days of no accountability, you see, reminds Iraqis of the days of Saddam. And that's no way to move Iraq toward a democracy or anything resembling a democracy.

In other words, practice what you preach.

See the .mov here. And the mp3, too.


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