60 trucks of Syrian troops leave Libnaaaaan, ya baladi...

I saw the headline, "Syrian Troops Leave Lebanon"...and I thought, maybe!! ...no, no...only 60 trucks of troops.

And yes, I'm for Syria leaving Lebanon right now. It's very complicated to explain, but I have certain loyalties that I cannot relinquish. I do see all sides of it, though. That would be pompous to say...actually, I see many sides of the situation. I am for Palestinian self-determination. I don't like Sharon OR Arafat. That gets that straight. I am also for Lebanese self-determination. And right now self-determination is marginal in Lebanon.

I saw the shape Lebanon was in very recently and I believe there needs to be a change in the status quo. Even though things look better downtown each day because gulf Arabs are flocking there and buying the joint up, I want Lebanon to maintain its Lebanese-ness. So, one way to shake things up is for Syria to leave and for there to be REAL elections. Not like this will ever happen, but I hope it will. Lebanon is kind of like Iran in the fact that it essentially appoints leaders. What it really needs is more jobs and it needs to stop being messed with by everybody: US, Syria, Iran, everybody damnit. Leave the Levant alone!

It's very unfortunate that it has to be one of the countries that suffers from the regional syndrome of political chicanary on steroids. Both of it's leaders are extremely corrupt: Lahoud and Hariri. But you wouldn't know that any of this phases the Lebanese if you went there. No matter what the circumstance is, we know how to party and live a good life. If you throw some bombs on us, we'll have a party in the bomb shelter. But don't get me wrong. The last thing Lebanon wants is war. But that's the last thing most people want, isn't it?

Stop messin' with Lebanon you walking-abortions.


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