Ayatollah Al-Sistani Dost Speaketh

This is probably an important article that you'll want to read. Let me just say that I am really sick of exiles having domination over the political process. And I agree with Ayatollah Al-Sistani's critical stance and caution regarding this matter. And I'm Christian.

We need stability and security. And these groups of exiles having a monopoly on political power will not help. Proper representation will. Imagine Sistani calling the people to the streets to overthrow the current government and destroy the occupation. Well, it is not far from the realm of possibility.

I don't wish for an Islamic state for Iraq. (And I don't believe Ayatollah Al-Sistani does either.) But I believe al-Sistani is one of few people that can possibly steer Iraq toward security, so he needs to get more involved. He's too respected to not get involved. But he should be wary of being used by Negroponte and Allawi to meet their ends.


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