What might be obvious to some Iraqis especially...

The US troops will pull out of sight, into fortified bases, out of cities...and let Iraqis kill each other. But the problem for you Mr. Bush, is the election. If you have Iraqis killing each other everyday that's not exactly the best way to get re-elected, is it? If there's a civil war in Iraq...you leave the White House. I know Rove the wizard (he does shame to the term, doesn't he?) has a plan to make it work...i.e., civil war in Iraq while having a successful re-election (defending your 6 month absence in the national guard during Vietnam), but there are variables beyond his reach. None of you knew what you were in for, did you? What a shame.

And shame on you.



Al Hurra,("The Free One") the new satellite network/pr-stunt is paid for by US Tax Payers, a program by the Department of State. The main office is in Virginia, not in Iraq or any where in the Arab world. Right next door to the CIA. Good luck convincing Arabs. I'm sure the pop-shows will go over well.

I want a Kerry (vietnam war hero) and Clark (four star general) ticket to go up against you're privileged national guard service, "war president," national security ticket. That'll be like going to Las Vegas after you've spent your 100+ million dollars. Because money talks, bullshit walks...isn't that how that cliche goes?

What a circus. INTERNATIONALISE! DO IT NOW! Or watch the world slip into some Orwellian nightmare. Not that it isn't one already.



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