anybody that comes here is lucky to know this exists. (both the website below and bakazay, i.e. ME) U just remember that...and that I LUB U.

(((mEnTaL nOte, "LIMINAL ROCKS, I'm going to tell all my friends about him" and besides, I'm your free and freaky Iraqi psychoanalyst.))) Right now, I love my DUCHAMP cd...it's of lectures and interviews. Pretty rare, tho re-issued. I'm gonna go listen to it now. Maybe if you're nice to me I'll put it somewhere where you can find it. i also like gettin BAHJorked watchin' her Cambridge Concert. It's truly amazing. Well done to everybody involved in the production and performance. It's Sunday, so I'm telling you some of my leisure activities. I'm tired from traveling and time is not its usual self if ya know what I mean. I need to relax tho...I have to get in touch with fellow IB'ers and do some emailing. So pardon me! Nothing can cinematically satisfy me these days...I'm a big Godard fan, but I just am into sound right now. But you'll find some interesting visual&vids here too. SO ENJOY!


the iceberg's always growing on my planet...and the water's drinkable. you should come over some time...we dont have the preventive war doctrine.

ha ha.

L to the L, and btw u smell. go away!!!


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