Art Links of the day: A dedication to the moving image and sound

Has the moving image become a universal language spanning geographical boundaries and trumping metaphysical obstacles?

----Pioneers of Film---- (a list in progress...)

Lumiere Brothers: "The cinema is an invention without a future." odd thing to say, Louis! Where's Auguste? maybe here!

Edison: Chronological list of Edison's films (loc) , Edison's early sound recordings, Marriage between Sight and Sound


----Avant-Garde Cinema/Video---- "L'imagination au pouvoir" -a student in Paris, may 1968 dominated by Al Razutis' critical writings (I'll be fleshing out this section. dunt wurry!)

Random note: I went to some wicked video exhibition at the ICA a few months back. I'll get up some info on that specific exhibition and the artists involved.

Honorable Mention in SOUND : (should really get its own post) Emile Berliner, the inventor of the gramophone. For his early recordings, click here to hear them!

ps-regrets. i realise i have mostly loc links here. i'll be getting much more diverse in my linkages of this post in the coming days, weeks. there's quite a bit out there. i just want as much of it immediately accessible to the viewer of this blog. I'm trying to find the right resources and a wide range of them. i no hyperlink discriminator! fyi


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