Sums it up. 2-3 month reprieve? Or just another WEDGE ISSUE?

<< What is new here is only that Sistani seems to be saying that his earlier deadline of October 1 for elections could slip to December or January, but no later. >>

Not to just cue in line after Professor Cole, but it's true. Could be a factor for elections in the US...perhaps it means nothing much, tho.

It, interestingly enough, only emphasizes the election issue in both the US and Iraq. It emphasizes how important elections are in two countries at a time where cultures continue to butt heads over "Passion", an Amendment for the constitution over gay marriages (see Cheney's daughter situation), a BBC program abt religion that has no philosophical challenger, the Valentine's Day gift of "Al Hurra" to the middle east via Virginia/State-side, and this general heightened awareness of Christian-ness in the states. That's just from my side. I couldn't begin to describe what I am not experiencing in the Near East without making you read pages and pages. Very strange stuff happening here, tho...Bush calling upon the 40mill strong base to rise up and weather the storm like Moses. How ridiculous that this administration can co-opt such a message (and I think Prof. Cole does a good job summarizing it). How interesting and stupid at the same time. And the West, especially the US, is just figuring out that Jesus Christ was a Near-Eastern brown being that spoke funny languages? "You mean he didn't speak English? Whaaah? It must be real then..." This takes Zizek's "Desert of the Real" to the next level. How completely retarded the world is becoming. How completely absurd. And we've been dumped in the middle of a campaign, IN FEBRUARY? Why don't presidents run for 3 year terms? I don't recall this happening before. People are extremely pissed off here and there (Iraq) they are paying through their nose for both gasoline (from Halliburton over-charging average Iraqis) and civilians having to pay 0.49cents/minute to call outside of Iraq while people OUTSIDE CANNOT CALL Cell phone services at all! So, basically...slow contact with the outside world. Slow down complaints. Well, I'm going to speak up for those slowed down complaints. Hello, how r u? I'm Mista Bakazay. Please don't abandon Iraq after all this torment. GIVE THE PEOPLE PHONE RATES THAT CAN AT LEAST COMPARE WITH JORDAN'S! PLEASE. pretty please? come on. you can do it! be positive! and you'll get positive things in return. don't just take, take, take...learn how to give, give, give...esp. after you bomb, bomb, bomb. Capisce?

Essentially, things are more unstable now...that's how I feel about the situation. There's no reason for Al-Sistani to give-in or make any distinction over a couple months that are obviously key times in the US election calendar, when he obviously had and still has the upper-hand. Save, to save Iraq from difficult times ahead... So, it means both everything (to how the situation is like in Iraq) and nothing (to how situation is like in the US). It almost cancels itself out in my view. Very interesting. Al-Sistani speaketh. hm...extremely curious and meaningless. What an interesting contrast these opposites...and I didn't even mention what came out about the UN that was already obvious. Come on folks! Please, please give me a break. COMPLETE ABSURDITY.

US finds itself scattered about in a vast land of contradictions to many and more. Holier than thou brown cow?

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