Between Iraq and a Hard Place - Channel 4 News Comic RELIEF

Published: 17-Jan-2003 By: Channel 4 News

The comedy trio Bremner Bird and Fortune bring their viewpoint on the Iraqi crisis in their own unique way

We're about to invade Iraq. Again. We invaded in 1917… and 1941… and 1991. This time though, we're dealing with Saddam Hussein.

But then, we've been dealing with Saddam for years. Why now? The Americans see the chance to bring traditional Western values to the Middle East (aka the guys with the diapers on their heads): democracy (from the people who brought you George W Bush); freedom (from the people who brought you Guantanamo Bay) and economic prosperity (from the people who bought you Enron).

Starring George W Bush, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and a cast of… well, Rory Bremner, flanked by John Bird and John Fortune as Foreign Office mandarins, convinced that this time they have got it right, and that above all the one thing this is not about is oil… Note: It requires real player

To watch in four segments, between 10-15 minutes:

Watch Part 1 (13 mins), Watch Part 2 (14 mins), Watch Part 3 (10 mins), Watch Part 4 (15 mins)

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On a comic note, Bush speaking out firmly against the proliferation of nuclear weapons on 12 Feb., is like a whore on Sunset Blvd. speaking out firmly about abstinence and addiction rehab. You have to lead by example mr. prez, if you expect anybody to take you seriously. Instead of building low-grade nuclear weapons in your current budget, why don't you try to you create a high standard for both low-grade students to high-school students? The numbers speak for themselves. And abondoning your proliferation of nuclear weapons would assure every American under the age of 18 an excellent education in the public school systems.

Ha ha...funny.



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