Music is like breathing.

I'm going to post some things I've been enjoying lately on this specific post in the coming days.

Mad Lib takin' control of BBC One's, The Gilles Peterson Show (real stream, 32 Kbps, ~ 2hrs)

Check out (or b'leg)...sounds from Mad Lib and MF Doom's new collaboration, Mad Villainy (Don't listen to them, it's already out.)

For your reference:

Stones Throw Records
MF Doom

120 Years of Electronic Musical Instruments

Some more musica! 12 FEB repost below!

DJ Spooky video streams with music and words (Baraka)

DJ Spooky, "Peace in Zaire" (CONGO!)
Spook with Amiri Baraka!

just mixes:

Abstrakt Blowback '03: The Satyagraha mix
Live on J-Wave – Tokyo 1/19/02
Blahzay, Blahzay: hip-hop mix
Live @ Knitting Factory 4/13/02: DJ Spooky + CARL HANCOCKRUX
Prosthetica 2000


Digital Cut-up Lounge (still haven't really checked it out totally, seems ok)

friends of mine:

hyperdub YOU GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! here's where you find the streamable delectables!

I've really been in all out dub mode for some time now. I LUB DUB. This is just a taste...I'll find more and post it later.



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