Sarcasm. I dont know if any of you got it...I'm role-playing. Playing the role of the occupier....? hahaha. hee hee hee... while giving you a link to a kick-ass site. PROPS to my man that led me to it! You don't REALLY think I'm that self-righteous now do you? I thought so...

so dont feel like a subaltern being...I really do love you. I LOVE PEOPLE NOT PLACES! I LOVE PEOPLE IN CYBERSPACE, NOT PLACES IN CYBERSPACE. I LOVE PEOPLE NOT PLACES. LOVE PEOPLE NOT PLACES!!! PLACES CANNOT LOVE YOU!!! PEOPLE CAN!!! LOVE PEOPLE NOT PLACES!!! LOVE PEOPLE NOT PLACES. (PROPS YO!...i had to.toogood.ev'body else will understand later maybe.)

buh bye,


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